The sensation of the year: Prison Golf!

Experience the most adventurous mini-golf course in The Netherlands: Prison Golf Rotterdam

he most adventurous mini-golf course in the Netherlands: Prison Golf Rotterdam!

Putt yourself a way out of prison in 10 holes!

We all know mini-golf, but have you ever played Prison Golf? Prison Golf offers a unique experience where you escape from jail in a fun and approachable way. How? By completing 10 holes with the fewest strokes and earning as many points as possible. This entertaining activity is suitable for ages 6 and up, and is even enjoyable for grandparents. Teams consist of 2 to 5 people. Bringing more friends? No problem—start on different holes simultaneously.

Much more than your typical mini-golf course

Welcome to the most adventurous mini-golf course in the Netherlands: Prison Golf Rotterdam! Experience the unique and surprising elements of this lively course. Don't be surprised if you encounter smoke, exciting lighting effects, or hear a barking dog. Each of the 10 holes at Prison Golf is unique and accessible to everyone. Perfect for playing with friends, colleagues, family, or for hosting bachelor or children's parties. Prison Golf offers an experience beyond traditional mini-golf! Will you compete to score the highest points?


Our "spinners" add various challenges that make putting the golf ball more difficult. Try putting with your left hand or one eye closed—a surprising element that adds to the fun and challenge of the game. The crazier, the better! Give the spinners a whirl and experience Prison Golf in an even more fun, crazy, and unique way. See you soon!

Childhood party at Prison Golf Rotterdam

Host the most exciting kids' party ever at Prison Golf Rotterdam! Escape from prison and compete with your friends. Across 10 unique holes, you'll enjoy an unforgettable experience with light and sound effects. Spin the spinners to receive challenges that add a twist to your game. Will you achieve the highest score? Come and experience it at Prison Golf Rotterdam!

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