Workshop "Flat Rotterdams."

Learn the Rotterdam dialect with Roel Pot!

Mastering the Rotterdam dialect isn't something you can pick up overnight. It takes living here to truly get the hang of it. However, Roel Pot will give it a try during the "Flat Rotterdams" workshop, where he'll delve into Rotterdam and its unique language in just one hour. This interactive workshop is available for groups of 15 persons or more. Get ready to be amazed as expressions like 'O ja joh?!?', 'Pleurt op', and 'Sooooooow' quickly become part of your vocabulary. It's enjoyable for non-Rotterdammers and a nostalgic treat for locals.

This course is also very fun to do as a tourist or expat who doesn't speak Dutch! 

The "Flat Rotterdams" workshop is a delightful addition to our existing activities such as the Black Box Escape Room, Real Axe Throwing or Prison Island. Perfect for friends and corporate outings or bachelor parties, it's accessible to all levels and highly recommended!

  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Minimum 15 people, maximum 80 people
  • Led by native Rotterdammer Roel Pot
  • Suitable for everyone and loads of fun

Booking this workshop always includes combining it with one of our activities. For more information, please contact us via email.

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