Top 5 fun things to do with friends

Doing something fun with friends?

Want to do something fun with friends, but don't know what? We will help you find the perfect activity at Fun Village Rotterdam! In this blog post we tell you 5 fun ideas to do with friends.

How many people?

First of all, it's good to decide how many people you want to do something fun with, as some activities are perfect for couples and others for larger groups. Are you looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend? Then you should definitely try Prison Golf. Or are you just looking for friend group activities? Then the Black Box Escape Room is more suitable. We'd love to tell you more about it!

Idea 1: Prison Golf

Meet the most adventurous miniature golf course in Rotterdam: Prison Golf at Fun Village! This unique and new activity takes miniature golf as you know it to a completely different level. It's a unique experience in which you can knock yourself out of prison in an approachable way.

Prison Golf can be played in teams of 2 to 5 people, making it perfect for dates or small groups. But are you coming with more? Even then Prison Golf can be played, as you can start on several holes at once.

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Idea 2: Black Box Escape Room

Want to do a fun activity with the whole group of friends and also one with each other at the same time? Then the Black Box Escape Room is the perfect activity. As the only Escape Room in the Netherlands you can play this group activity in groups of 7 to 24 people! The activity is specially designed for this, so no worries that some people will have nothing to do.

It is an approachable group activity where teamwork, communication and perseverance are essential. This makes the activity very popular for team building. Moreover, the Black Box is not scary and does not require intense physical effort, so really anyone can play.

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Idee 3: Prison Island

If you are looking for fun group activities in Rotterdam, then Prison Island should definitely not be missing from your list to consider. Try to score as many points as possible by escaping from prison cells. In each cell you can score points. The faster you escape, the more points! There are 24 cells to escape from. You can compare it to 24 mini Escape Rooms, but Prison Island is so much more than an Escape Room. We can tell you all about that, but you have to experience it to see it!

Prison Island is really the perfect group activity for when you want to do something fun with your friend or group of friends. This is because you will play in teams of 2 to 5 people and in total the activity can be played up to 78 people.

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Idea 4: Real Axe Throwing

Darts we all know, but Real Axe Throwing, that's darts for the advanced! Because instead of small darts, you now throw lifelike axes on the board to score as many points as possible. Will you hit the bullseye? Believe us, it's harder than you think! Technique is more important than strength.

Real Axe Throwing can be played from 18 years of age and up to 30 people.

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Idea 5: Workshops

In addition to our unique activities, we also offer workshops. For example djembe playing. Which of the group of friends has the most rhythm?"

Or the Cocktail Making Workshop. Become a true cocktail master! Who will make the tastiest mojito? That will be useful for the rest of your life!

Do you want to learn something that will benefit you for the rest of your life? Then follow the workshop Plat Rotterdams, where you will learn to speak real Rotterdam from Roel Pot. Laughter, laughter, roars guaranteed. Or well, don't let Roel hear it, because he takes this extremely seriously!

Combo deals

We hope to have helped you with this blog in choosing fun group activities with friends. Still having choice stress? That's understandable with so many unique and hilarious group activities. If you want to book multiple activities, check out our combo deals. That saves a few bucks (Roel would say).

As well as a bite to eat?

After the friends Outing, you and your friends will surely be hungry. That's why we also offer delicious catering for the whole group. If you want to know more about this, check out our Snacks and Drinks page.

Will we see you soon at Fun Village?

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