Celebrating an outing? You can do that at Fun Village Rotterdam, of course!

We offer the possibility to celebrate various outings with us

Enjoying fun activities together is the best thing ever! Whether it's having fun together, engaging in activities, a little friendly competition, or achieving goals together. Whether you're with friends, family, colleagues, classmates, or even neighbors, outings together create lasting memories!

Variety of options

At Fun Village Rotterdam, you can enjoy three fantastic activities: Real Axe Throwing, Prison Island, and the Black Box Escape Room. These activities cater to different interests, ensuring there's something for everyone. So, you can count on us for any type of outing you can imagine.

What kind of outing do you want to celebrate? Learn more about the options:

Super fun workshops to complement our activities

Interested in combining our activities with one of the workshops below? Let us know by email or phone!

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

Our Combo Deals

Start or end with a delicious bite? From a deluxe lunch to shared dining, anything is possible with us!

Snack & drink