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Active bachelorette party

Active and sports activities for an unforgettable bachelorette party!

The perfect place for an active bachelor party

Do you want to organize an active bachelor party? You will experience it at Fun Village Rotterdam! We make sure the whole group has 100% fun on this special day. We offer different sporting activities for an active bachelor party. For every age there is a suitable activity. In addition, the activities are suitable for both bachelor parties for men and women.

At Fun Village we offer the perfect active outing for a bachelorette party. We do not offer the standard activities you are used to with a bachelor party, but really something unique. Where at a bachelor party you are usually used to paintballing, drinking and having a nice dinner, we add more excitement. More action, so you have an unforgettable day. At Fun Village we therefore organize for you the best active bachelor parties in Rotterdam.

A bachelor party has a different meaning for everyone, of course. That's why we have different activities planned, so there's always something to suit your taste. Will you go for active and sporty activities during the bachelor party? Will you make your brain work or will you master techniques that others do not have? Read on to see the options!

That's why you choose an active bachelor party at Fun Village Rotterdam

Experience it together

Don't split up your group, but do something fun to talk about together!

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We offer multiple activities for an unforgettable day. All at 1 location.

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Fully catered bachelor party. Completion and catering can be completely customized.

Real Axe Throwing

One of the activities you can book with us for an active bachelor party is Real Axe Throwing. With this activity, you try to throw an axe as hard as you can. But of course don't forget to aim well, because technique is even more important!

At Real Axe Throwing is all about technique, cooperation and fun. You can think of it as darts, but different! Moreover, fun is always the main focus. This activity is for ages 18 and older and perfect for an active or sporty bachelor party.

Our "Axepert" talks you through the techniques you need to throw an axe properly and safely. Then the real work begins and you get to aim your axe at the bullseye. Who will get the highest score?

Should the competitive element become too much in the group, then there is ample time to catch your breath and for the necessary fun. You can enjoy a snack and a drink before, during or after the game. Still not satisfied? Then there is also the possibility of a lunch or dinner.


Prison Island

Prison Island is the perfect activity for an active bachelorette party. In teams of 3 to 5 you will enter cells where you will try to escape. How you can escape varies. For one cell you need strength or you need to be fast and for the other cell you need to be smart or master a good technique. This way there is something for everyone and really everyone can play along! You've probably played an escape room before. Prison Island is similar to this, but it is much more than just an Escape Room!

An absolute requirement to escape from Prison Island is teamwork. The game consists of a prison with multiple cells. Through cooperation you have to face physical challenges, solve riddles and crack codes. The ideal mix for your team is smart, strong and sometimes super fast.

Prison Island can be played for ages 9 and up. In total Prison Island consists of 24 cells. In teams of 3 to 5 persons you discover all cells in 1 to 2 hours and try to score as many points as possible. Because you compete against each other in teams, this creates mutual competition. This makes it incredibly fun to do with a bachelor party!

It is also possible with this activity to satisfy your hunger by means of a snack or drink before, during or after the bachelor party. Prison Island is very good to combine with Real Axe Throwing or Escape Team for a good fill up of an active bachelor party in Rotterdam. Do not wait any longer and book your tickets quickly for the Escape Room of Rotterdam!

Escape Team

Would you like to feel the connection during the active bachelorette party? Then Black Box, the Escape Room for large groups, is the right choice! Whereas Prison Island requires small teams, at Black Box you can play with a group of up to 24 people. Black Box is specially designed for a large group and it is the only escape room in the Netherlands where you can play with such a large group at the same time. Black Box is also low-threshold and therefore suitable for everyone. A great activity therefore if you want to involve a large group in an active bachelor party.

Black Box is an Escape Room. So the goal is that your group manages to relax out of the room. No need to worry, this Escape Room is absolutely not scary. In addition, you don't have to make any physical effort either. What is required is a lot of teamwork, communication and perseverance. Also, it is not bad if you can think a little outside the (black) box.

Sitting locked in a room naturally makes one hungry. And the brain needs its nourishment, too. That's why the Black Box offers the option of drinks and bites or a dinner of your choice.

We are happy to provide an unforgettable party!

Fun Village guarantees an active and unforgettable day. Whether you want to get your brains cracking or just want to get physical, there is a suitable activity for everyone. It is also possible to combine several activities or book extra options such as drinks and bites. Would you like to know more about the activities for an active bachelor party? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

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