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Original bachelorette parties

Original activities an original bachelorette party!

The most original bachelorette parties in Rotterdam

Are you going to organize a bachelorette party for a friend soon? Then it is not always easy to come up with a good party. Of course, you have to come up with something that everyone will like, where it would actually be nice if it is also a bit original. For an original bachelor party in Rotterdam you have come to the right place at Fun Village. We have several different activities waiting for you that guarantee an unforgettable day!

Organizing an original bachelorette party

If you are going to organize a bachelor party, of course you would prefer that everyone present will remember it for a long time. We have three activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy to the fullest. With Real Axe Throwing, for example, you can bring out the archetypal man in you. In addition, we have developed a unique escape room with our Black Box escape room. And of course Prison Island: much more than just an escape room. All this can be combined with a fun workshop, a snack and a drink. We will tell you more about it!

Real Axe Throwing

Forgetting about darts, Real Axe Throwing is truly an activity where you can show what you're made of. Instead of small darts, you throw real axes at a target. Show that you have what it takes not only to throw an axe, but also to do it accurately. Play in teams against each other and make it a real competition. And ... This is definitely not just fun for men, also women go all out in Real Axe Throwing!

Black Box Escape Room

We can guarantee you've never experienced an escape room like our Black Box. After all, it is the Escape Room for large groups! In fact, we have developed an Escape Room where you can participate with as many as 7 to 24 people at the same time. This is the highest number of people for an Escape Room in the Netherlands. But rest assured, because our escape room is also a fun challenge if you do it with fewer people. Black Box is all about creative thinking, cooperation and perseverance? Do you have that in house? Then prove it!

Prison Island

Prison Island is a real challenge. Namely, you are going to visit 24 different rooms, in which you are going to encounter a wide range of different bachelor party activities. Some of these games involve thinking, others involve agility and there are also rooms that involve strength. It is much more than a Escape Room in Rotterdam. You compete against each other in teams, in one and a half to two hours you have to try to score the most points this way. All this in the setting of a prison as you have seen in your favorite Hollywood movies. The ultimate challenge and a perfect original bachelor party.

Enjoy one of our workshops

Have you and your friends had a great time in with one of our activities? Then unwind with one of our varied workshops. Choose for example a wine tasting (always a success at bachelor parties), a cocktail workshop or our djembe workshop. We have a lot of possibilities ready for you, you can always call or email us for more information.

Enjoy delicious food and drinks

It's not just about being active of course, you also have to think about the inner man! At Fun Village Rotterdam you can always enjoy a snack or a drink afterwards. That can be a drink, but you can also choose a delicious lunch or dinner. Choose one of our popular dishes from the menu, or if you are with 20 people or more, go for one of our buffets. We have several different buffets that we can prepare for you. Think of a satay buffet, a hip and trendy buffet or our classic stew buffet. In addition, we have even more options, which we are happy to tell you more about. We will help you choose the buffet that best suits your group.

Combine activities

Do you want to make it an unforgettable day? Then you can also choose to combine activities with each other. Then with our combideals you will also save a lot. For example, start with one of our main activities, follow this with a fun workshop and finish with a nice and tasty dinner. This way you can be sure that the bachelor in question will never forget this party. We like to look together with you what your wishes are. We will tailor everything to your group and the number of people coming along. Looking for original bachelor parties? Fun Village Rotterdam is the perfect location!

That's why you choose an original bachelor party at Fun Village Rotterdam

Experience it together

Don't split up your group, but do something fun to talk about together!

Combination deals possible

We offer multiple activities for an unforgettable day. All at 1 location.

Customized for your group

Fully catered and original bachelor party. Completion and catering can be completely customized.

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

Our Combo Deals

Start or end with a delicious bite? From a deluxe lunch to shared dining, anything is possible with us!

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