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Corporate outings

Always a perfect escape

Are you tasked with organizing this year's corporate outing? We understand that your time is precious. Let us assist you in planning a memorable event for your team. With a variety of activities all under one roof, there's something for everyone to ensure an unforgettable day.

Do you have particularly active colleagues who thrive on challenges? Then Prison Island Rotterdam or Real Axe Throwing are perfect choices! These activities are challenging, emphasizing action, perseverance, and most importantly, fun together. Do your colleagues prefer less physically demanding but enjoy teamwork towards a common goal? Our Black Box Escape Room is ideal. It focuses on teamwork, concentration, communication, and fun. Will your team set the record time?

Can't decide? No worries. All activities can be combined into a combo deal, giving you the best of both worlds. Explore our special offers for corporate outings:

Looking for snacks and/or drinks before or after? We've got you covered. Discover the options on our 'Snack & Drink' page.

Unique activities for an unforgettable day

Wondering about our activities? Check them out via the slider!

Black Box

The Escape Room for large groups

Prison Island

Much more than an Escape Room

Real Axe Throwing

Unleash your inner viking

Prison Golf

Putt yourself a way out of prison

Exciting Workshops to Enhance Your Experience

Interested in combining our activities with one of the workshops below? Let us know via email or phone!

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

Our Combo Deals

Start or end with a delicious bite? From a deluxe lunch to shared dining, anything is possible with us!

Snack & drink