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Hooray, it's your birthday! And of course, you can't let your birthday go by without celebrating. At Fun Village, you'll find the best activities specially designed for kids. Celebrate your birthday party at Fun Village Rotterdam!

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We celebrated our son's birthday party at Fun Village, and it was a great success. Our son and his friends played Prison Island Kids. All the activities were accessible and enjoyable for the kids. Afterwards, they were treated to delicious lemonade and fries. Highly recommended!


Joey Prison Island Kids

We had an incredibly fun children's party for our daughter! All the girls had a blast playing The Time Machine Escape Room. It's a very fun escape room that's perfect for kids.

Jessica Escape Room The Time Machine

It's a fantastic location for celebrating children's parties. Everything was arranged perfectly. You can tell they have a lot of experience.

Luuk Children's party

Prison Island Kids

Let the kids feel like real adventurers with Prison Island Kids! In this interactive and challenging environment, they can work together to solve puzzles, crack riddles, and escape from prison.
It's guaranteed to be an adventure they won't soon forget! Some of the 24 cells require laser tag, others basketball, and many require careful thinking to solve the puzzles.

Using Blacklight flashlights, children can find hints on the doors of each cell that are invisible to the naked eye. This makes Prison Island well-suited for children. The recommended age for this activity is 9 and up.

The Time Machine Escape Room

Send the kids on an exciting journey through time with our Time Machine Escape Room! With intriguing puzzles and secrets to discover, they'll embark on an adventure that tests their problem-solving skills and teamwork.
A staff member will accompany the children into the escape room to guide and assist as needed. The recommended age for this activity is 9 and up, and it can accommodate groups of 8 to 15 kids.

A small tip from us: if there are children with high energy and low concentration, we recommend Prison Island Kids.

Prison Golf

For a unique and fun activity, kids can enjoy a game of Prison Golf! Navigate through our prison-themed rooms while testing your golf skills and having fun with friends. This activity is suitable for ages 6 and up.
Ready to plan the perfect children's party? Book now at Fun Village Rotterdam and let the kids enjoy a day full of adventure and fun! For questions, please contact us via email or phone.

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