Compete your colleagues during a spectacular company outing

Spectacular company outing

For a true spectacle!

For a spectacular corporate event, Fun Village is the place to be!

A spectacular corporate event is something you will experience at Fun Village of course! At our location in Rotterdam you will find one big spectacle when it comes to company outings for both small and large groups.

Hilarious activities that are each unique in their own right and most importantly: fun for everyone! This allows the whole company to participate in the spectacular company outing.

What others think of a spectacular corporate event at Fun Village Rotterdam

We booked a team building outing with our company at Fun Village. It was a great success! We chose the combination deal Prison Island with Axe Throwing. The activities are very approachable, so everyone could participate. We had a great time laughing. The snacks were also very tasty and plentiful. We will definitely come back here, highly recommended!

Joey Jansen Corporate Outing

Fun afternoon had with my colleagues and afterwards a hot buffet with all tasty dishes, something for everyone. Definitely recommended to do with your colleagues.

Jeroen Holla Corporate Outing

Great to do with a large group. Everyone has their own task that way! Selim, the facilitator, was very nice and totally stepped into his role.

Fatos Khalfallah Corporate Outing

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Spectacular company outing Rotterdam

If you're looking for a spectacle during your company outing, then Fun Village is the right place for you. Our activities are unique and truly always provide a spectacle. We would like to tell you more about our activities Prison Island, Real Axe Throwing and the Black Box Escape Room.

Prison Island

Prison Island is perhaps our most spectacular activity. Get locked in as many as 24 cells and escape within the time limit. So it's a bit like 24 mini escape rooms, but Prison Island is so much more than an Escape Room.

Each cell requires a different skill set. That's what makes it so much fun to do with the whole company. In each cell you will encounter spectacular challenges.

So one time you have to work with a ball, another time you climb walls, crawl through corridors, play games or rack your brain by answering questions.

In short, there is something for everyone with a spectacular corporate event at Fun Village!

Real Axe Throwing

If you really want to organize a spectacular company outing, then Real Axe Throwing is not to be missed. Darts for the advanced! Throwing real axes, who doesn't want that?

Toss as many points as you can into the wooden board. Will you throw in the bullseye? Be warned: it's harder than you think! Brute force is really not necessary, technique is key! This makes this activity perfect for all participants (minimum age is 18), men and women!

Real Axe Throwing promises to be a true spectacle!

Black Box Escape Room

Are you with a large group? Then be sure to book the Black Box Escape Room for your spectacular corporate outing.

The Black Box Escape Room is a spectacular activity. In fact, this Escape Room is the only Escape Room in the Netherlands you can play up to 24 people!

Perfect for large companies that want to play a spectacular activity together that involves teamwork, communication, perseverance and creative thinking.

Spectacular workshops

In addition to our spectacular activities, we also offer spectacular workshops, such as the cocktail Workshop, djembe workshop and a wine tasting. Incredibly fun to do and also perfect to combine with the activities.

Of course, it is also possible to have part of the group do a workshop if one does not want to or cannot do the activities.

Spectacular combo deals

So many spectacular activities, how can you choose from them?

Check out our combo deals to combine activities. For example, Prison Island is often combined with Real Axe Throwing or the Black Box, but you can choose which activities you want to combine.

You can also combine with our delicious catering services and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. This way you really complete the spectacular company outing!

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Don't wait any longer and book now your spectacular company outing at Fun Village in Rotterdam. We welcome you at our location to make it a great day. Choose which activities you want to do and book now. See you soon at Fun Village Rotterdam!

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