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Get the most out of your team during a team-building day

During daily work, attention to detail sometimes falls by the wayside. Put the dots back on the i during a team building day. It is important that at the end of the day the result is not only improved mutual understanding. It is just as important that the team building day is fun and full of different activities. Fun Village offers a varied program for a successful team building for companies, perfect for a corporate outing to boost team spirit!

What others think of team building with a company outing at Fun Village

We booked a team building outing with our company at Fun Village. It was a great success! We chose the combination deal Prison Island with Axe Throwing. The activities are very approachable, so everyone could participate. We had a great time laughing. The snacks were also very tasty and plentiful. We will definitely come back here, highly recommended!

Joey Jansen Corporate Outing

Fun afternoon had with my colleagues and afterwards a hot buffet with all tasty dishes, something for everyone. Definitely recommended to do with your colleagues.

Jeroen Holla Corporate Outing

Great to do with a large group. Everyone has their own task that way! Selim, the facilitator, was very nice and totally stepped into his role.

Fatos Khalfallah Corporate Outing

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Complete carefree company outing with team building. Completion and catering can be completely customized.

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Cooperate with a good dose of competition during Axe Throwing

Giving your colleagues success is as much a part of pleasant cooperation as having a respectful conversation. Of course, a little mutual competition doesn't hurt and actually challenges people. If you choose a company team-building outing where Axe Throwing is on the program, then you will have incorporated all of these elements into the activity. Colleagues challenge each other during the team building company outing to get the highest score, where they can help each other with pointers to improve throwing technique. Have employees from different departments compete against each other in groups and promote mutual understanding this way.

A joint challenge on Prison Island

Prison Island is a perfect activity when it comes to team building for a company outing. In groups of up to five people, participants have to solve riddles, unravel codes and physical strength is also put to the test. Only through cooperation during the team building company outing can you escape from the cells of Prison Island. Because all employees can use their specialties or show their abilities, there is a challenge for every participant and colleagues also need each other along the way. Not only in terms of mental effort, but also in terms of physical effort.
To solve the riddles of Prison Island, you have to be able to keep your head on straight. To celebrate the happy ending, treat your team to a nice drink, such as beer, wine or soda. Don't forget to put on comfortable clothes as this is definitely not a luxury. Read more about the Escape Room of Rotterdam.

Performing under pressure as a group in the Escape Room

The Black Box Escape Room has all the aspects you would expect from a corporate team-building outing. Within a set time of 75 minutes, employees must work as a team to find a solution and escape from the Escape Room. The time pressure makes it even more important to work well together, communicate clearly and accept the leadership of another. In addition, the creativity of the participants is also tested. The team that solves the puzzles within the time can reactivate the Black Box and thus has completed the task. This team building company outing activity is also very suitable for less sporty participants. The Black Box can handle participants of up to 24 people. This makes it the Escape Room for large groups!

The art of listening during a Djembé workshop

A pleasant collaboration may or may not stand or fall with good communication. Listening to each other is also an important part of this. During a Djembé playing workshop as a company outing with team building, attention is also paid to this. Because besides learning to play the instrument, participants also learn to form a harmonious whole as a group. The relaxed activity is a musical resting point during the active program. If you are looking for a different interpretation as a conclusion to the activities, you can also opt for a cocktail-making workshop. Have employees from different departments follow the instructions as a duo to create the most delicious cocktail. Here too good cooperation and following instructions is key, for example when measuring the ingredients for the cocktail.

Conference rooms

During corporate team building, you want to accomplish a number of things. For example, the employees get to know each other better. This is especially important if you have many different departments or if people work from home. Because people don't often meet in the workplace, this can lead to irritations or misunderstandings. Maybe you are about to implement an internal reorganization, which you want to inform all employees of during the company outing with team building. Or you want to hold brainstorming sessions about the future approach to mutual cooperation. Whatever your reasons for the team building, besides the fun activities, there are other things on the agenda. For this, Fun Village has a private meeting room available so you can discuss the important issues with your employees in privacy.

New insights with a team coach

Give the team building company outing extra depth by bringing in a coach during the Escape Room activities who will observe your team during the game. This will focus on how people profile themselves during the game. You can think of different things, such as taking initiative, interactive behavior and cooperation. This professional mental coach will evaluate the findings and explain them in a separate presentation. This way you can analyze what needs to be worked on to improve, for example, the mutual cooperation between colleagues or certain departments.

A fully catered company outing with team building

Make the team building day a complete experience. Start the day with a deluxe lunch. Afterwards, the first activity is scheduled, such as Axe Throwing or the Escape Room. Afterwards, everyone catch up over snacks and drinks. Divide the teams again and conclude the team building day with a workshop of your choice. This could be cocktail making or a wine tasting.

Requesting a quote

Would you like to know what the options are at Fun Village for your corporate team building event? You can easily book the activities and combo deals online. But if you have questions, or special requests, you can also contact us to discuss the possibilities. This way you can be sure that you will always get a team building for companies that completely matches your goals for the day.

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