The most fun and successful bachelor party for women will be experienced at Fun Village Rotterdam!

Bachelorette party for women

For an unforgettable bachelorette party!

Have you planned a bachelor party for women with your girlfriends soon and are you still looking for a perfect location to organize it? Come along to Fun Village, the event location in Rotterdam! With us you will find different, cool activities that are perfect for a fun bachelor party for women. With a large diverse range of activities, we offer more than enough options so that everyone has a fun outing. From the adventurous Prison Island and the exciting Escape Room to the sporty Real Axe Throwing, it's all possible at Fun Village. As the name suggests, everyone will have a lot of Fun!

That's why you choose a bachelorette party for women at Fun Village Rotterdam


Experience it together

Don't split up your group, but do something fun to talk about together!

Combination deals possible

We offer multiple activities for an unforgettable day. All at 1 location.

Customized for your group

Fully catered bachelor party. Completion and catering can be completely customized.

Bachelorette party for women

When you think of a bachelorette party for women, you might think of the standard activities: walking around town doing funny assignments, taking lots of pictures and making fun of the bride to be. Of course, that's great fun to do too, but there's so much more possible!


Please celebrate the bachelorette party at Fun Village for adventurous activities you can do as a group. Our activities are original and unique. All women will experience an enjoyable day that will be remembered for a long time! They are activities that will put your brain to work in a big way while you enjoy a snack and a drink.


Various activities at Fun Village Rotterdam


At Fun Village Rotterdam you will find three main activities that you can book with a bachelor party for women. It is also possible to make a combination deal where you combine several activities. On average an activity lasts between 1 and 2 hours. Many people choose to combine activities with each other, so you have a little more time together and you are cheaper with a combi deal.

1. Real Axe Throwing

For the really tough women among us, Real Axe Throwing is a true pleasure to undertake. Just throwing out all the stress by means of throwing the axe at the board. The satisfaction you will feel when your axe hits the board cannot be described. It is a unique activity and provides hilarious moments. Have you never undertaken this activity before? No worries. There is a supervisor available at all times, a real AxePert, who can explain and guide you and your girlfriends. You can also combine this activity with a snack, drink or lunch/dinner after the activity to make the outing completely complete!


2. Escape Team

If you want to put your brain to work, then the Escape Room is really for you. The Escape Room is a real experience and you can do it up to a group of up to 24 members. Perfect for you and your girlfriends. The goal is to activate the Black Box as quickly as possible. You get 75 minutes for this and try to get out together as quickly as possible. What's cool about this activity is that you really have to work together. Lots of commitment and working together makes for fun moments and enjoyable lasting memories.
You can also combine this activity with a snack, drink or lunch/dinner after the activity. Read more about the Escape Room for large groups!

3. Prison Island

Prison Island is a fun and active activity to do during a bachelorette party with women. It is much more than just an escape room. It is a real life game that consists of a prison with cells. Here you collectively crack codes, solve riddles and face physical challenges. Sometimes you have to be smart, sometimes strong & sometimes super fast.

But there is always only one way to escape: you do it together! It is an activity where you combine strength with being smart. You have to work well together, because only together will you reach the solution. There are 24 cells available and each cell is slightly different. You play this Escape Room in Rotterdam in teams of 3-5. These teams are placed in a cell. So if you go with a larger group you can also compete among yourselves and see which group escapes from the cell first. The average Prison Island lasts between 1 and 2 hours.


Eating and drinking during the bachelorette party

Naturally, drinks, snacks and possibly full meals will be provided during the bachelorette party. Refrigerators are stocked with a variety of beverages. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are offered. Wine, soft drinks and beer are all on the menu.
In terms of snacks, you can think of appetizers, fries and satay. You can complement these with a nice fresh salad. This is possible for groups of up to 20 people.

If you come with a group of 20 people or more there are more possibilities. You can discuss these in advance. From a satay buffet much more.


All in all, there is plenty to do at Fun Village Rotterdam. If you have any questions or specific wishes, feel free to let us know. We are happy to actively look at the possibilities with you. Are you interested and do you want to have a bachelor party you will never forget, please contact us.

Fun Village is the perfect location for a bachelorette party for women in Rotterdam. See you soon!

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