The group outing of Rotterdam,
which of course you celebrate at Fun Village!

Group outing Rotterdam

A group outing with friends is always a good idea!

The best group outings in Rotterdam

The best group outings in Rotterdam are undoubtedly at Fun Village! With three fantastic activities and excellent workshops, we have something for everyone.

Do you enjoy an active group outing and want to get some exercise? Or do you prefer to challenge your mind and collaborate to find solutions? It's all possible with a group outing in Rotterdam at Fun Village.

Unique activities for an unforgettable group outing

We offer several activities that cater to the varied interests of both small and large groups. Everyone is guaranteed to have an incredibly fun day! One thing is certain: a group outing in Rotterdam at Fun Village will be unforgettable.

Check out our activities using the slider, and who knows, we might see you soon at Fun Village for an unforgettable group outing!

Black Box

The Escape Room for large groups

Prison Island

Much more than an Escape Room

Real Axe Throwing

Unleash your inner viking

Prison Golf

Putt yourself out of prison

What others think of a group outing at Fun Village Rotterdam

Fantastic for large groups. Everyone has their own role that way! Selim, the facilitator, was very friendly and completely immersed in his role.

Fatos Khalfallah Group Outing

Perfect for axe throwing and the already enjoyable prison island. Great for a large group of friends or colleagues

Tai Nguyen Prison Island

A superb location for all kinds of outings 😍 highly recommended

Leonie Strooij Group Outing

Why choose a group outing at Fun Village

Experience it together

Keep your group together and create shared memories!

Combination deals possible

We offer multiple activities for an unforgettable day, all at one location.

Customized for your group

Fully catered group outings. Tailor-made packages and catering available.

Fun activities for the whole group

When planning a group outing, finding activities that appeal to everyone can be challenging. To ensure a fun day for all, it's important to cater to diverse preferences. Fortunately, Fun Village offers a wide range of activities that can be easily combined. A group outing at Fun Village Rotterdam guarantees a day of fun and enjoyment for everyone.

Booking a group outing at Fun Village Rotterdam ensures a successful, enjoyable, and fun-filled experience throughout the entire outing. Choose from our three unique main activities: Prison Island, Real Axe Throwing, and the Black Box. We also offer workshops such as our cocktail workshop, djembe workshop, and wine tasting. Spoilt for choice? Combine any of our group activities for the perfect outing!

Crack the code of our prison

Crack codes during Prison Island, the perfect group outing activity in Rotterdam. With up to 24 unique cells, each one presents a challenge that must be overcome within a set time. The game divides you into small groups of 3 to 5 people. You can select from three different time formats: 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours. Also great for larger groups, as it allows for healthy competition!

Combine physical agility, strength, strategic thinking, and perseverance. These elements can all be merged as a group to achieve success. Prison Island isn't just about escaping unnoticed; it requires cracking codes and solving various puzzles together as a team. Only through collaboration can you move from one cell to the next, tackling diverse challenges. Prison Island is immensely popular as a group outing!

Black Box Escape Room

Escaping from a prison sounds exciting, but our Black Box Escape Room is equally thrilling. Both activities are immensely popular for group outings in Rotterdam, emphasizing fun and teamwork.

Escape rooms are found throughout the Netherlands, but nowhere else offers an escape room for up to 24 players! Managing a large group to work together isn't always easy, but our Black Box is designed specifically for this purpose! Many group outings have successfully tackled the Black Box challenge. Will you beat the clock? Book your Rotterdam group outing and find out!

Good to know: Our escape room isn't scary, making it suitable for all participants. While physical effort may be required at times, you don't need to be Usain Bolt to participate. Success in the Black Box comes down to teamwork, clear communication, sharp thinking, and creative problem-solving – perfect for a group outing!

The biggest challenge of our Black Box Escape Room is the race against time. You must solve all puzzles and riddles within a 75-minute timeframe. While that might sound achievable, time flies when you're focused on deciphering puzzles. It's a perfect challenge for your group outing, guaranteed!

Real Axe Throwing

Discover a new sport with your group at Fun Village – Real Axe Throwing. Similar to darts, but with real axes! Before you begin, pay attention during the briefing from our AxePerts, who will focus on technique.

The goal of Real Axe Throwing is to score as many points as possible. Who will earn the highest score and be crowned axe-throwing champion? Even women can excel in our safe gaming environment. It's not just a boys' dream – it's a game suitable for anyone aged 18 and up. Never thrown an axe before? No problem – no experience is needed for this exciting new sport.

Real Axe Throwing is a relaxed activity where participants take turns individually. Depending on your group size, you can rent multiple lanes for simultaneous throwing. During the activity, enjoy snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic). That's why Real Axe Throwing is a popular second activity, often combined with Prison Island or the Black Box. Don't wait – experience the thrill of throwing a real axe!

Group outing with workshops

Our range of activities extends beyond Prison Island, the Black Box Escape Room, and Real Axe Throwing. For your Rotterdam group outing, choose from a variety of workshops. Bond as a group during a wine tasting. Not a wine lover? No problem! Try our cocktail workshop instead. Who can craft a cocktail that impresses the whole group? Finally, embrace the musical side with our Djembe workshop, perfect for large groups. Create rhythms, add dance moves, and enjoy an unforgettable musical experience. Check out our workshops:

Group outing in Rotterdam with food

After your activities and/or workshops, appetites are sure to arise. Stay for a delicious meal. Our wide range of drinks and snacks is perfect for completing your group outing. Before, during, and after various activities, enjoy our extensive lunch or dinner options. We offer the best group outings in Rotterdam with delightful food and drinks. Contact us for a customized menu.

Fun Village ensures every group outing is a resounding success, focusing on fun and unforgettable experiences. Book your group outing in Rotterdam at Fun Village today and experience it for yourself! We organize your group outing with passion and guarantee plenty of fun. Welcome to Fun Village Rotterdam!

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Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

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