Compete with your colleagues during an active Ccmpany outing

Active company outing

Perfect for team spirit!

Compete your colleagues on an active company outing

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your colleagues? One that not only strengthens mutual bonds but also allows you to challenge your close colleagues or supervisors in a fun way? Then check out our program for an active company outing and experience an unforgettable and dynamic day with your team.


What others think of an active company outing at Fun Village Rotterdam

We booked a team-building outing with our company at Fun Village. It was a great success! We chose the combination of Prison Island with Axe Throwing. The activities are very approachable, so everyone could participate. We had a great time laughing. The snacks were also very tasty and plentiful. We will definitely come back here, highly recommended!

Joey Jansen Corporate Outing

We had a fun afternoon with my colleagues, followed by a hot buffet with delicious dishes for everyone. Definitely recommended for team outings.

Jeroen Holla Corporate Outing

Great for large groups. Everyone has their own task! Selim, the facilitator, was very nice and fully embraced his role.

Fatos Khalfallah Corporate Outing

Why choose an active company outing at Fun Village Rotterdam?

Experience it together

Team unity: don’t split up your group, do something fun to talk about together!

Combination deals possible

Multiple activities: we offer a variety of activities for an unforgettable day, all at one location.

Customized for your group

Complete outing: enjoy a hassle-free company outing with customizable activities and catering options.

Work to build a better team at Fun Village

Want to organize an active company outing that also boosts team spirit? Fun Village is the perfect place. By setting a common goal with your colleagues, you create bonds, learn to listen to each other, and work together in teams. A corporate outing is not only fun but also functional and great for team spirit!

Engaging in activities different from daily work situations can lead to surprising discoveries. Your colleague’s unexpected creativity during an active company outing might be crucial for solving the puzzle in the Escape Room. Or you might rely on the physical strength of a few colleagues to succeed in the games at Prison Island.

Combine the useful with the pleasant

Team building isn’t just about games. Serious matters can also be addressed during a team-building day. Between activities, you can plan business-related sessions in the meeting room, such as discussing mutual cooperation or presenting new product plans. Order a lunch to refuel and prepare for the next game on the schedule.

Enjoy an active company outing at Fun Village

Is your company new or have you recently hired many new employees? Plan an active company outing at Fun Village to get to know each other better. Invite employees' partners as well to meet the people behind your colleagues in a fun way. Fun Village also offers unique options for your annual company outing. Start with a sporty activity like Real Axe Throwing. Although it’s an active outing, there’s plenty of time to chat. But keep an eye on your opponent, as the competition continues. After the effort, there’s room for relaxation, such as a djembe workshop led by a professional.

Special occasions celebrate at a special location

Is your company celebrating an anniversary or milestone? Book a complete package at Fun Village to thank your employees for their hard work. Start the day with a drink in our lounge before diving into the exciting activities. With our comprehensive program, there’s no sitting still, especially if you choose a combo deal like Axe Throwing and Prison Island, Rotterdam’s most fun Escape Room. Or combine Axe Throwing with the exciting Black Box Escape Room for large groups. At the end of the day, enjoy a relaxed get-together with your drink of choice.

Celebrate your company’s achievements with Your employees

Have something to celebrate, like reaching a target or launching a new product? End this period of collective effort at Fun Village. Engage in activities like helping colleagues escape from the Escape Room or playing games at Prison Island. Depending on the group size, the whole company can participate together or in smaller groups. Afterwards, share experiences over drinks and snacks. End the day with a cocktail-making workshop or a wine tasting.

Book an active company outing easily online

Do your colleagues enjoy being active and competitive? Fun Village’s activities are perfect for a company outing. Choose from Axe Throwing, Prison Island, or the Escape Room, and combine with an active workshop like playing the djembe or cocktail making. Contact us for more information or book one of our packages online directly.

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

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Start or end with a delicious bite? From a deluxe lunch to shared dining, anything is possible with us!

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