A super fun,sporty family outing,
you experience it at Fun Village Rotterdam!

Sports family outing

Asporting family outing is something you celebrate at Fun Village Rotterdam, of course!

A sporty family outing in Rotterdam

Is the annual family outing coming up again? Or do you just want to have a sporty time with your family? Book your sporty family outing at Fun Village Rotterdam! With us you can choose from three different activities where both your body and mind get a good work-out. We have something unique for the whole family! For a unique, sporty family outing you need look no further. You've come to the right place at Fun Village!

What others are saying about a family sports outing at Fun Village

Fantastically fun experience. The hour and a half play drive flew by and what fun we had. Recommended. The buffet after all the puzzles and agility exercises was delicious and well taken care of. The staff is extremely friendly.
Guido Klaaysen Sporty family outing
Super nice location for all types of outings😍 highly recommended
Leonie Ciocodeica Sporty family outing
Great to do with a large group. Everyone has their own task that way! Selim, the facilitator, was very nice and totally stepped into his role.
Fatos Khalfallah Sporty family outing
Was a lot of fun to do. Friendly staff too!
Josefien Dusseljee Sporty family outing

Sports family outings

Would you and your family like to book a sporty family outing in Rotterdam? Come along to Fun Village! For the most fun and original family outings in Rotterdam.

At our location in Rotterdam we offer you fantastic activities and great workshops. Possibly ending with delicious food. One of our activities is Real Axe Throwing, where you try to throw as many points as possible with a lifelike axe. Advanced Darts. Who will throw into the bullseye?

Do you prefer to battle as a team? Then book the Black Box, an Escape Room like you've never seen before! You can do this with up to 24 people at the same time. You won't find this anywhere else in the Netherlands. This makes the Black Box the Escape Room for large groups. The ideal place to get the whole family going at once, so you don't have to wait for each other.

Our third activity is Prison Island. A great activity. You can think of it as an Escape Room Plus, because it is much more than an Escape Room! Prison Island is thus the most unique Escape Room in Rotterdam

For the most complete sporty family outing, you can combine the activities with our workshops or use the combo deals! We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities below.

Prison Island

Prison Island: with your group you will go onto the island to discover the secrets hidden here. To do this, you have to complete all different tasks in as many as 24 different rooms. Enter the cells, crack codes, score points and make sure you can escape from the island again! The challenges range from physical to agile and from thinking to speed. So everyone can play along and there is something for everyone! Sounds like a nice challenge or not? Read more about the Escape Room in Rotterdam.

Real Axe Throwing

Darting... Bowling... Hearty fun, of course! But have you ever heard of bijlwerping? This brand new craze has come raging over and is a unique way to bring out the primal man in you. Enjoy throwing a real, sharp axe. Into a target hanging several meters away. Fun for all your family members over 18 who want to show that they can aim well, but also that they have the strength to throw that axe hard into the goal. A fun event to do against each other, but also with each other. Ideal also to combine with one of our other activities.

Black Box Escape Room

And then we have our unique Escape room. Maybe you've done an Escape Room before, but we can assure you that you've never experienced our Escape Room for large groups. In fact, you can do this one with a group of up to 24 people! Even if you are then also with a large group of people, you don't have to wait for each other and you can really try to find the solutions together. This is a fun, low-threshold Escape Room that does not require you to exert yourself physically. A great activity therefore to combine with the sporting challenges that Prison Island and Real Axe Throwing have to offer you.

And that's not all

Have you had a great time with your family and would you like to recover afterwards with a hack and a drink? That too is possible with us. We have all kinds of goodies waiting for you, which are good to enjoy after you have just exerted yourself so much. But you can also choose to have lunch or dinner together after the activity or activities at Fun Village. For groups of more than 20 people, you can choose from a variety of delicious buffets. Are you with less than 20 people? Then choose one of the delicious dishes from our kitchen. You can always contact us to discuss the various options with us.

Learn more about our unique activities

What we have to offer at Fun Village Rotterdam is truly unique. We don't think you will find any other place in our region that offers such a special range of sports activities. Take a look at the extensive information we have on this website or contact us to ask your questions.

We would love to plan with you a sporty day for your whole family that you won't soon forget. You can choose a single activity, but of course you can always combine several things. This way you can make a whole day with your family, with or without a delicious lunch or dinner. We provide a sporty family outing where everyone can completely enjoy themselves.

That's why you choose a family sports outing at Fun Village Rotterdam

Experience it together

Don't split up your group, but do something fun to talk about together!

Combination deals possible

We offer multiple activities for an unforgettable day. All at 1 location.

Customized for your group

Fully catered family outing with sports activities

Prefer to combine several activities? That’s possible! Discover what we have to offer.

Our Combo Deals

Start or end with a delicious bite? From a deluxe lunch to shared dining, anything is possible with us!

Snack & drink